Access Control & Time Attendance System

Why is there a need for an Access Control System and Time Attendance System in India?

The efficiency of an organization is reflected in its operations. It takes a lot of effort for an organization to achieve its planned outcome. But how do they achieve their desired goal? The answer is the practical operating procedure. Fortunately, technology has backed the organizations to conduct their operations. The need for Access Control System and Time Attendance system in India is gaining huge importance. The reason is- organizations give prime importance to employee’s safety and their work contribution.

There is a certain amount of risk involved in every business due to the presence of external and internal threats in the environment. The organizations must know how to deal with them without hampering their operations. But, the aspect that needs to be considered is – “Which technology should be adopted to ensure the work ethics of an organization?”

Using the right technology for the right purpose always solves the problems of the companies. Now, companies have started using digital devices which can identify the activities of their employees. Since the options are too many, the employers should have adequate knowledge of the technologies that would best suit their needs.

We know the demand for the access control system in India is rising while some companies still prefer a time attendance system. In the end, it depends upon your need and your preferences where you decide which one to select.

What role does ALSOK play in ensuring the smooth work process?

We also offer a variety of services to ensure that these devices can be used at their best capacity for a long duration. We try to maximize the performance of the equipment by providing the required training to the companies after installing the devices. Satisfying our customers over the world and making their work process smooth is our greatest motivating factor. Our main focus is not just selling but the successful installation of an access control system and time attendance system in India.

1. Access Control System in India

 It is a device where a door can be opened and closed by a non-contact type card reader or fingerprint scan operation. It can carry out registration according to an access authority level.

Here are the main performance features of the Access Control System in India:

  • Access Authority Configuration
  • Automatic Door Management
  • Unique Alarm Notifications
  • Accessible in the back office
  • Scheduled Backups
  • Custom Reports
  • Fast and Secure Hosting
  • Photo Notifications
  • Emergency Exit
  • Visitor Management

This is used as an electric lock to the entrance door of a factory, office, and its access can be managed by operating card reader equipmen

2. Time Attendance System in India

Used for recording the employee’s attendance and leaving-office time. It is managed with exclusive software. Here are the most specific features of the time attendance system in India:

  • Clocking in and out
  • Leave management
  • Payroll integration
  • Reporting
  • Biometric attendance
  • Missed clock-in alerts
  • Calendar integration
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Mobile and cloud support

This is also used as an electric lock to the entrance door of a factory, an office where it can be managed by fingerprint scan equipment. It also restricts the entry of an outsider to the concerned area.

Before going forward with your investment, you need to know their performance features of the Access Control system and Time Attendance system in India. These devices are game-changers whether it comes to providing security or managing the work processes. Once you are clear with the correct usage of these devices, you can effectively manage your corporate operations. Still, have doubts? Contact us for further details.

ALSOK Advantages

The equipment will be able to use for a long time depending on the correct maintenance after installation. Our goal is not only selling equipment and installation.

We also offer a variety of services to ensure that your equipment can be used in its best condition for a long time, from installation in an optimal location where you can maximize the performance of the equipment to maintain management after installation and provision of required training. Optimizing the working environment of our customers and making them happy are our greatest motivations and goals.