First-Aid and Fire Management System

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) accounts for the highest mortality rate all over the world compared to other disease or illness. In India also according to data from WHO 2007,total number of Sudden Cardiac Arrest was more than 5 times than total number of traffic death.

It can happen to ANYONE, ANYTIME and ANYWHERE.

When a person has cardiac arrest, the only method to save that victim is by using AED combined with proper CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation).

AED is a medical device that automatically analyses the electrocardiogram during cardiac arrest and defibrillates when it detects ventricular fibrillation. According to AHA (America Heart Association), chances of survival decrease by 10% per minute and target time for the first shock is within 5 minutes if you are not at hospital.

Ambulance can not reach your place within 5 mins after SCA (sudden cardiac arrest).

Therefore, you should keep AED with you so that you can rescue lives as soon as possible.

Our AED is the only AED made in Japan sold in India and you can use it in both language, Hindi and Japanese. We provide CPR training as well.


Nihon Kohden Cardiolife AED – 3100

Product No.
Nihon Kohden
Size (L x W x H)
34 cm x 26 cm x 15.5 cm


Energy Adult: 150-200-200J
Child: 50-70-70J
User interface Instruction by voice, CPR timing sound
100 times / minute (option)
Indicator (green/red), shock button, adult/child key.
Battery Capacity: 200 discharges or 7.5 hours monitoring
Stanby life: 4 years
Analysis time Less than 8 seconds, minimum 4.5 seconds
Form turn on to discharge Less than 15 seconds (with new battery)
Size 206(W) x 252(D) x 97(H) mm
Weight 2.3 kg with battery and pads, 1.9 kg without battery and pads.
Standard Vibration MIL-STD-810F 514.5C category 4 and category 9, EN1789
Water and dust proof: IP55


Continuous VF analysis

Continuous VF analysis is available on AED-3100. With this function, the ECG waveform can be analyzed even during
CPR and energy charging starts before the shock is advised. This helps you deliver faster defibrillation than ever before.

Continuous VF analysis

Fast analysis and charging

It takes less than 15 seconds from turning the power on to discharge. Faster charging time helps you deliver energy quickly when VF is observed.

Fire Alarm & Sensitive Flame Detection Sensor

Fire Alarm Systems are systems that provide for notification of a fire the fire by using detectors of different backgrounds, as appropriate, such as Smoke Detector, Heat Detector, Manual Pull Station (Manual Call Point), which is. we can recognize and correct. The fire did not spread until it has no control.

”  Do not miss even small flame!  “

Early Fire Detection

  • Quick and sensing performance for flame (shortest 0.5 seconds)

Arson Early Detection

  • Sense the flame before the smoke and heat is generated

Outdoor Fire Sensing

  • There is no malfunction by the light of the sun & drip-proof

Smoking Prevention

  • Corresponding to various applications by the detection time setting

Lighting Failure Monitoring

  • It can be diverted to the monitoring of the constantly ignition location , such as a boiler

Very high Detective Performance

Hydrant, Sprinkler and Fire Alarm System

Public Address System(PA)

Sensitive Flame Detection Sensor

” Do not miss even small flame! “

Fastest Detection Flame Sensor in India

To protect the assets from fire, it is important to have early detection by high-quality flame sensors. Disasters don’t look for a specific time to happen. One needs to have highly advanced technology for the safety of personnel and quick response for emergencies. These sensors give an early signal if there is anything that could be tragic and ultimately save lives. To reduce the property loss and minimize the downtime operation while the fire is still small, ALSOK offers the Fastest detection flame sensor in India.

You will not miss even a single flame with the highly advanced features of our flame sensors. These fire sensors are also available for heavy equipment and many vehicles. It is designed to discover fires in the early stages when there is still time available for the safe evacuation of occupants.

ALSOK brings High-quality Flame Sensors to India

With the motive of putting the best technology forward, these sensors have very high detective performance. It senses the flame ranging from a minimum of 2 cm to a maximum of 70-100 cm within a few seconds. Detecting the presence of fire or flames in extremely hazardous backgrounds also minimizes the associated risks.

Everyone wants to ensure environmental safety whenever any mishappening like fire breakouts can happen. These flame sensors perform a range of functions to prevent casualties in the best possible manner. Here’s know how:

Early Fire Detection
A minor fire breakout can turn into a huge disaster if not prevented on time. Early detecting a fire can make a world of difference. These fire sensors quickly detect the performance of flame in the shortest 0.5 seconds and discovers the fire even in bright outdoors.

Arson Early Detection
The arson technology can detect the flame even before the smoke when only heat is generated in the room, vehicles, or any other specific place.

Outdoor Fire Sensing
The unique solar separation technology can detect fire even at 2cm of fire. There is no malfunction by the light of the sun as it is drip-proof.

Smoking Prevention

If installed in the place of a non-smoking area, it will instantly alert you by emitting an alarming sound by corresponding to various applications with a time detection setting.

Lighting Failure Monitoring

It monitors the place in case of fire trouble in boilers or ignition around the rear engine of the vehicle and alarms the concerned person on time to take the required action.


ALSOK Advantages

The equipment will be able to use for a long time depending on the correct maintenance after installation. Our goal is not only selling equipment and installation.

We also offer a variety of services to ensure that your equipment can be used in its best condition for a long time, from installation in an optimal location where you can maximize the performance of the equipment to maintain management after installation and provision of required training. Optimizing the working environment of our customers and making them happy are our greatest motivations and goals.

Very high Detective Performance

Hydrant, Sprinkler and Fire Alarm System

Public Address System(PA)