SMS Broadcasting Service

It might complicated for disaster prevention plan、BCP, Business Continuity Plan is your answer!
In case of falling into an emergency case (natural disaster, big fire, terrorist, etc.) in order to continue the main business while minimizing suffered damage. Plan to prepare for an emergency situation is required.
The difference from the disaster prevention plan is not only the disaster but also the assumption of various emergency situations is needed to calculated with Internal factors, and external factors, such as business partners, terrorism and political instability.


As initial response, it is necessary to minimize damages. Securing and confirming the personnel who might needed help is a must. Is your emergency contact network functioning? Is it updated properly?.

SMS Broadcasting is
  • Batch transmission with easy operation
  • SMS system that is easy to connect even in case of emergency
  • Operation in English / Japanese
  • Two-way communication is possible and automatically reply contents are also calculated in graph.
  • No need to purchase more equipment.
  • Service charge method only for use in period
We research and developing it to be easy-to-use system

As a part of welfare program

-Strong signal even in confused situation like terrorism attack.
-It is a broadcasting specialization tool.
-Not only from the viewpoint of BCP, but also important for employees management
-Confirm the safety of the customers and workers Possibly to do it promptly.

Usage with ingenuity

Make your work approach proactive with ALSOK Best SMS broadcasting services in India

Getting the correct information is the right of everyone. And when the purpose is meant for all, then broadcasting the messages is the best option. There are many uncertain situations where broadcasting services are used. But to effectively reach the masses, you need to take account of the best SMS broadcasting services in India as it ensures that all your important updates are notified effectively.

Broadcasting helps in providing useful information to the public for all the news, weather forecasts, interviews, and documentaries. ALSOK has also realized the vitality of broadcasting and decided to include this service under our facility management as serving our clients satisfactorily is our main motive.

Why is there a need for ALSOK SMS broadcasting services in India?

There is no cure for contingent situations and is present in every aspect. All you can do is to be prepared for it rather than waiting for some unusual thing to happen. When there is a talk about preparation, we need to be proactive in our approach. It implies adopting the technology in the best possible manner is essential. This makes the use of the Best SMS broadcasting services in India necessary.

Emergency not only hampers you personally but professionally as well. It becomes mandatory for you to have a plan to prepare when required. In case of emergency cases like a natural disaster, big fire, terrorist attack, etc., SMS broadcast service data aggregators help in minimizing the suffered damage. It also contributes to disaster prevention plans and Business Continuity Plans.

Apart from the disaster prevention plan, you need to calculate Internal factors and external factors that can also affect your business operations such as business partners, terrorism, and political instability.

The main motive behind dealing with contingencies is minimizing the damage that can happen while dealing with them. If you know what is going to happen or how to deal with them, there are fair chances that you will be able to make it through the situation. ALSOK SMS broadcast service data aggregators facilities you with all-time updates making us the best SMS broadcasting service in India.

Want to know how ALSOK SMS broadcast service data aggregate works? Let’s understand:

  • It is possible to have a Batch transmission with easy operation
  • Operates in English / Japanese
  • It is a broadcasting specialization tool.
  • Two-way communication is easily possible
  • Automatic reply contents are also calculated in the graph.
  • You don’t need to purchase more equipment.
  • The service charge method is applicable only for use in period
  • Track SMS delays, and report delivery delays
  • Speedy delivery of messages

Benefits of having the best SMS broadcasting services in India:

Broadcasting services are not only used in Contingency management but also play a major part in organizational success. You can also proactively update your employees about the important updates in advance. Its benefits diversify further not only for the professional world but in social welfare as well. Let’s have a look:

  • Update the people in masses through batch transmission
  • Connect in case of emergency with our SMS system
  • Receive a Strong signal even in a confusing situation like a terrorist attack.
  • Take your business proactively forward by keeping your team updated with the necessary information
  • Highly beneficial for employees management
  • Confirm the safety of your customers and workers
  • Use it with Ingenuity

The use of SMS Broadcasting is intensifying day by day. Why relying on outdated facility management systems when you can take the first seat with this latest technology? Don’t think twice before going forward with ALSOK’s Best SMS broadcasting services in India.