Facial Recognition System

Facial Recognition helps the exchange of information, connections between partners, suppliers, products and people to a new level. It is one of the cutting-edge technologies developed over the past decade.

What is Facial Recognition System?

Facial recognition is a way of recognizing a human face through technology. A facial recognition system uses biometrics to map facial features from a photograph or video. It compares the information with a database of known faces to find a match. Facial recognition has all kinds of commercial applications. It can be used for everything from surveillance to marketing.

The Evolution of Security Methods

In the Covid-19 driven market, not only facial recognition, ALSOK’s the most modern equipment can also integrate the latest technology like THERMOGRAPHIC and MINMOE to measure body temperature and detect masks-wearing.

How does it work?

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Overall, the system will analyze 68 biometric characteristics of a face such as the distance between the eyes, the distance from the forehead to the chin, the length, the width of the face, … creating a “key” for your face and store it in the software as a mathematical formula. Whenever there is an object, the machine will scan and analyze the data to see if this face matches the saved formula. The whole process takes less than 0.2 seconds.


In the Covid-19 driven market, not only facial recognition, ALSOK’s the most modern equipment can also integrate the latest technology like THERMOGRAPHIC and MINMOE to measure body temperature and detect masks-wearing.


Time & Attendance Reports, Access Control

Now there is a better way to track attendance. Based on facial recognition technology, this new method is quicker, safer, and more accurate. Thanks to this technology, employees no longer need to remind themselves to carry ID cards all the time, and professors will no longer need to take roll one by one. A great tool at Educational Campuses, Factories, and at Events and Conferences.

VIP Recognition

Loyal VIP customers are enormously valuable to businesses, but service staff cannot always recognize them immediately. However, smart facial recognition cameras can bring business opportunities that were previously unavailable by remembering customer’s faces and their visiting frequency. When customers choose to participate in VIP programs, marketing promotions or other incentives, facial recognition technology will remember and notify when the customer comes back so that employees the right kind of service at the right time. 

ALSOK India's solution for your company

We can install the system at a low cost

Our risk-management professional from Japan will design a system that is the most economical for your budget.

Depending on the conditions of the customer, we can install the basic equipment absolutely FREE.

Beneficial maintenance and support policy

We commit to maintain and support the operation of the system throughout its use.

Every organization needs to ensure the perfect execution of processes without leaving any scope for discrepancies. Using a facial recognition system in India, you can easily track employees’ performance in your workplace. This system allows a secure login where you all get an all-time update of the kind of work executed by each employee, whether they are held accountable for that work or not. It recognizes the facial features of every person who is entering the office by using biometric technology.

Its use is way beyond clocking hourly workers in and out. For some organizations, it is employed to scan faces to monitor their employee’s productivity, while others use it for security purposes. This technology also creates image databases by leveraging them for internal purposes. The list can turn multifold if in-depth uses are discussed. Keeping the same utilities in mind, ALSOK brings the best facial recognition system in India. The demand for adopting the best technology is real. We are just convening the same motive with our quality products and services that come complimentary with it.

What is a Facial Recognition System?

The COVID-19 has sparked the need for top-notch devices to help in easy identification of the person without any contact. For us, the safety and security of our clients are the priority. Our facial recognition system reveals the identity of the person entering your space by mapping facial features. Take the smart step for surveillance with ALSOK’s top-notch facial recognition device.

Application of Facial Recognition

Face recognition systems have been in practice for so many years. It’s just that people are now realizing the need for this very basic service, especially in India. The device itself is responsible for so many applications such as pattern recognition, Information security, access control, law enforcement, smart cards, and surveillance systems. It recognizes the faces by measuring the distance between the eyes and other important points or measuring different angles of facial components. ALSOK face recognition systems are fully automatic to give an added advantage to our users.

Many successful companies are able to maintain industry standards by incorporating facial recognition technology. It can be connected with our existing products with some exceptions. There is no need to hire over-the-top technical solutions to make it work in the facilities. With the Non-contact system installation in India, the people can ensure the highest level of security at all times. 

ALSOK India’s solution for your company

Who doesn’t want to implement the promising technology that is solving the security purpose? ALSOK leaves no option for the buyers to not go ahead with this highly efficient non-contact system installation in India. Millennials are witnessing the power and utility of this much-needed technology. Its demand is only going to rise with time.

In order to modernize and systemize the processes, companies are slowly looking forward to adopting this proactive device. Security has always been a concern in a personal or professional space. With Non-contact system installation, people can fulfill their motives in the smartest way possible. By identifying facial features using biometric technology, a non-contact facial recognition system makes sure that no unauthorized person can hamper the operations of a company. It tracks the processes and other vital functions to serve the people most economically and smartly. 

ALSOK not just aims to install facial recognition technology but also looks forward to providing after-installation services as well. It makes sure that our clients reach beyond satisfaction level with our offerings in facility management services. It’s our approach to serve the best that differentiates us from other competitors in the market. Your trust in our services motivates us to keep making constant efforts and provide the best solution to the most complex problems. Reach us to know more about the non-contact system installation in India. We expect you to keep providing your valuable feedback. It will help us understand your needs in a better way. Fulfilling your wants are our responsibility..

The device can easily connect with existing products

ALSOK provides a synchronized security solution that can be linked to many different devices. For example, facial recognition cameras can be linked to automatic door, door locking systems, and attendance systems (if the devices conditions are satisfied).

ALSOK Advantages

The equipment will be able to use for a long time depending on the correct maintenance after installation. Our goal is not only selling equipment and installation.

We also offer a variety of services to ensure that your equipment can be used in its best condition for a long time, from installation in an optimal location where you can maximize the performance of the equipment to maintain management after installation and provision of required training. Optimizing the working environment of our customers and making them happy are our greatest motivations and goals.