Integrated Facility Management Services (IFMS)

What is benefit of IFMS?

When it comes to management of buildings and workplaces majority of companies are focusing to reduce cost first. You will find lot of service providers who can work for you with low cost but unfortunately it never come with good quality. Also working with multiple service providers, however, will over time leave you with the time-consuming task of managing a multitude of providers, integrate them and deal with the risks involved. After all it is very difficult to focus your core business due to busy with supervising, payment etc…with each provider.

Conversely, working with an Integrated Facility Service provider like us the responsibility of all supporting service functions is in the hands of the outsourcing partner. We manage all service deliveries, administration, training, operational management, integration, innovation and provides strategic support to you. This means that instead of having several external service partners working with various service deliveries, EVERYTHING IS INTEGRATED INTO ONE SOLUTION.

ALSOK Integrated Facility Management Services

We take responsibility for all supporting service functions, including service deliveries, administration, training, operational management, integration, innovation, and strategic support services. Everything is integrated into one solution where the tasks will not be piled anymore. With the proper organization of the managing facilities across the spectrum, ALSOK brings them together. Here is the list of the advantages of these integrated services that constructively benefit our customers:

Integrated management with Japanese quality

There is no need to depend on independent stakeholders for the separate tasks, increase the visibility with effective management of teams that generate quick responses, and take less downtime for employees. Leave the installation of equipment, maintenance, repair work on us that you outsource to other vendors. Our top-notch Japanese quality makes sure that these processes are performed with perfection.

Cost Optimization

Managing multiple internal teams leads to workplace redundancy or overlap in operations. This also leads to increased costs as different teams invest their time and budgets on processes that may not align with your company goals. We design the facility management by combining manpower and systems in a single budget. It effectively reduces the costs of materials and each vendor. Increase your productivity by overseeing a single team.

Mechanization of all work

Take a more strategic approach by mechanizing each work and focus on long-term goals with less micromanagement by obtaining ALSOK integrated facility management services. Streamline the everyday tasks by mechanizing the work digitally that also helps in cost-cutting. Invest your money in other key processes to yield better results.

Integrated facility management services do have the ability to provide numerous services on one platform. Why there is a need to manage different service providers when you can get all of these services through a single platform? Take the smart step to this highly advanced approach and achieve all-around success. ALSOK makes sure that the productivity of our customers reaches a peak by offering the benefits of integrated services. It doesn’t matter how complex your current tasks and vendors are, handle them in the most hassle-free and cost-effective way. Contact us to know the further details of these services.