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The major issue that India encounters is Local vendors provide housekeeping services at an affordable price, but at the same time, they also deliver cheap quality services. The reason being the inefficiency of the manpower. Fortunately, technological advancements have made it possible to serve even the housekeeping industry in India. There is no need to spend your money on these cheap services when you can receive high-performing housekeeping services at an affordable price. ALSOK brings the best housekeeping services in India under its integrated facility management systems.

There is a significant need for housekeeping services if you are in a residential space or a factory. Even your factory workers require daily cleaning services to ensure a safe and clean working environment. We have understood this emerging need and decided to provide these essential services under our facility management services.

Deep Cleaning Services makes us the best housekeeping company for the factory in India

If the idea of housekeeping services were discussed before the pandemic, most of us would have neglected it. This pandemic has made us realize the need for these services, that too at a significant percentage. The perception of taking these services only for personal use is proving wrong. For smooth flow of operations and overall maintenance of the space, housekeeping services are important.

With our deep cleaning services, we deliver a clean and safe environment to the residencies and factories. It’s not like regular or spring cleaning. Deep cleaning effectively cleans the grime and dirt in your space that usual regular cleaners can’t perform. It is ideal to stop the spread of ailments or destructive microbial bacteria present in your environment. Regular cleaning of the surfaces will keep all the dirt and bacteria at bay. This housekeeping service is vital for both the residential and office environment.

Ensure a safe environment with ALSOK additional services

COVID-19 is very much prevalent. The situation has to be handled smartly by following the best practices. To ensure more safety for our customers, we offer these additional services.

● Sanitization Services at home and factories

This is a must-have service to be included under the best housekeeping services in India. It is a cycle that kills all the microbes, germs, pathogenic, and non-pathogenic microorganisms that can build up on any surface top. The regular sanitization services at factories and homes will protect you from unwanted bacteria that may contact you and deteriorate your health.

● Sanitization Tunnel

They are the Disinfection Tunnels mostly used in offices and factories to ensure the safety of the workers. A fog of sodium hypochlorite arrangement, a chlorine compound used as a disinfectant to kill all the bacteria or the viruses if the person carries. They simply have to pass through this tunnel to get rid of any unwanted bacteria.

To provide the best housekeeping services in India, we constantly try our best to facilitate each service which is a must for every factory and household. Minimize your manpower work with ALSOK’s powerful System Solution.

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