Catering Services

Professional catering services / canteen management services

The food industry is substantially growing because of people’s growing tastes and preferences. With time, people have started taking their food very seriously. There is no denying that food does have the ability to impress them. Professionalism is slowly capturing the catering industry as it ensures the best catering services for factories in India.

A nutritious meal is everyone’s necessity, be it corporations, factories, workhouses, or any other personal arena. The demand of each sector will be different depending upon the needs of the professionals comprising it. The prime motive of professional catering services in India is to serve people in different sectors.

Why hiring ALSOK will be your best choice for professional catering services in India?

ALSOK has realized the need for efficient catering services for factories in India. The work performance of the employees depends upon the food served to them. Also, it’s one of the factors that influence their job satisfaction. Therefore, it’s important to serve them top-quality and hygienic food.

Here know what makes us the best catering services for the factory in India:

Hygiene and Sanitization at in house kitchen

Every customer wants that the food he/she is getting should be safe. Those caterers who follow the hygiene and safety standards of the food come into the wishlist of the customer. Keeping this in mind, we take food hygiene and sanitization very seriously. We make sure that the food is prepared in a hygienic environment.

Customized Menu according to customer request

As a professional catering service provider, we consider your preferences to give you the best catering experience for you There are a variety of foods included in the menu. We plan your special menu which is inviting, attractive and delicious for you and your workers.

Get Hassle-free food delivery

The work process gets halted if the factory will not get their food on time. That’s why providing professional catering services in India is a responsibility. You don’t need to stress about the timely delivery of your foods if you have chosen us to be your caterer.

Save your time and money

Hiring an unprofessional caterer looks cheap, but in reality, it is not as it adds extra expenses in terms of untimely delivery, local food, and many other disasters. As a professional caterer, ALSOK will come with all the things ready, where you can invest your time and money only on required items.

Planning of layout and renovation work of Canteen and kitchen

ALSOK proposes more hygiene and functional kitchen with the specified canteen design to ensure quality food. With our constant effort, we deliver only the best facilities to our employees.

Your satisfaction is our greatest motivation. We have kept the present situation in mind to make your experience better. Let’s check how we have followed the COVID-19 protocols to make our catering services more effective.

Countermeasure of COVID-19 protocols while providing the best catering services for factories in India

COVID-19 has made it even tougher to cater great food to our clients. To make sure that food is safe and healthy, we have followed all the mandatory protocols. Here is the list of some of them:

● Temperature measurement, hand wash, and sterilization of all our staff members.
● All our staff must wear hair caps, face masks, and gloves.
● Washing dishes at high temperature
● Regular sanitization of the canteen environment (table, and chairs) at factories
● A sincere attempt to provide only cooked dishes.
● Proposal of canteen layout in factories that maintains a social distance. 

The workers and the employees don’t have the fear about the COVID-19 while having their food at their workplace. The efficient and reliable catering services of ALSOK make sure that you get quality food at affordable prices. Get the best professional catering services in India now!