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Satisfy customers

ALSOK is an abbreviation of ALways Security OK. The name communicates our loyalty and readiness to act whenever needed.

Integrated Facility Management

ALSOK can provide all work which is related facility management. You can save your time and effort to manage several facility vendors in addition you might reduce cost as well.

Customized facility solutions

We provide customized facility management solutions with Japanese quality according to your demands and needs with our experiences as best security agent company in Japan.

Company Profile

Established in 1965 as a security company in Japan, ALSOK has been providing security services for major banks and famous department stores for many years, in recent years it has expanded its business to facility management, welfare services and more, now ALSOK JAPAN has grown to a scale of the company has approximately 439 bases and 37,902 employees in the world as of 31st March 2020.

About Us

Started as a security consultancy company since 2013, but now we provide a wider range of Integrated Facility Management Services as well as Security Services, and we are pleased by many customers. We continue to develop our business in the term of Facility Management Services. Now, we provide various solutions for customers concern. We also have several offices throughout Asia not only in India and we have been favoured by many customers, especially Japanese customers, for high quality service and aftercare.

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