Recruitment Services

ALSOK will utilize its experience as a security consulting company to do background check then carefully select and introduce personnel who meet your requirements.

Our priority is to make sure that you get the best match.

① Conduct a candidate background check that makes full use of the unique route as security companies and integrated facility management services provider.

② An exceptional 18% commission as a Japanese vendor.

ALSOK Advantages

👉 Abundant human resources regardless of industry

👉 A solid background check utilizing know-how as a security consultant

👉 Reasonable and fair charges

Best recruitment services in India

Hiring the right candidate for the desired job profile at the right time requires ample planning and professional recruitment services. A highly standardized approach is what every organization needs. ALSOK offers the best recruitment services in India to cater to hundreds of clients and hiring the best talent. Every opportunity creates multiple avenues of success. With a sincere attempt, we select the right candidate for the right company.

With the rise of MNCs and startups, there are humongous opportunities present for the youth. If a platform is provided where the potential employers and qualified candidates come together, the mutual goal will be accomplished. To provide the best recruitment services in India, we deliver the best business opportunities to the upcoming talent with a comprehensive approach.

To execute successful hiring operations that keep one’s employees content and satisfied needs in-depth research and industry knowledge. We make sure that the companies must comply with all statutory laws to avoid any kind of discrepancy. Taking a professional service helps to sustain data without any error and get better insight into the company’s performance to meet all goals in the given time. The priority of ALSOK is to make sure that the companies get their best match.

The process of ALSOK Best recruitment services in India

ALSOK believes in following a well-integrated process to ensure efficient recruitment services. It’s our processes that differentiate us from other conventional recruitment services. Our expertise in security services is applied in our hiring process to guarantee that the organizations are getting verified candidates. We follow an elaborate process to get a good fit in the best possible manner.

● Planning

The first process starts with planning. Here, we understand the client’s requirements and goals to have in the employees. This gives us the client’s perspective that helps us initiate the process of hiring the best talent.

● Proper Research and Development

Our work further subdivides where we categorize the right talents based on their skills, experience, stability, and performance. After an in-depth analysis of the resumes, the candidates are ranked based on specific parameters. After that, these profiles are shared with the respective companies.

● Preliminary Interview and Screening

After shortlisting the deserving profiles, the preliminary screenings are conducted where the candidates are assessed on their Key Result Areas (KRA’s), Compensation Package, Job Title, Job Location, and other important details. It gives a more detailed outlook on the candidate and allows us to offer them the right opportunity.

● Background Check

After serving the professional security services for years, the same expertise is also applied in our recruitment services. We conduct a background check of the candidates, making full use of our unique security and integrated facility management services.

● Closure

Once we verify all the details after our preliminary screening, the face-to-face interview is conducted with our client organizations. Here, the candidate and the company can discuss points of interest. If things go perfectly fine, the final remuneration is finalized.

ALSOK promises to maintain long-term association with the client organizations and candidates for mutual association. With just an 18% commission, you can avail the best recruitment services in India. Get the best asset for your company with our help. Contact us to hire the best talent in the industry.